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Central Metal Technology (CMT) start to supply metal products to international market from 1995, with 3 own member factories and selected partnership factories, CMT products cover almost all the possible manufacture processes available for metal products, products are manufactured in the processes of investment casting, die casting, sand casting, forging, stamping, welding, machining, etc. With experienced engineer team, multi-language communication and systematic quality management, CMT provides a wide choice of products and value-added engineering support to customers.

CMT’s customers include all sizes of companies from small, medium-sized companies, and multinational enterprises, up to today we provided solutions and products to more than 300 customers in 25 countries.

Successfully supplying metal parts in China, CMT’s 25+ years experience can help you to secure the source of supply in the China market.

We are looking forward to being at your service.

Your CMT Team.

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Take a tour and discover why using CMT to manage the procurement in China is the most effective solution.



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