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  • <b>The Mixing Blade Arm</b>

    The Mixing Blade Arm

    CMT succeed to supply Europe customer the mixing blade arm made by EPC process (lost foam processing) which is used in concrete mixing equipment to connect the mixing blade. ...More>>

    [ 2015-04-25]

  • <b>Big Size Slag Pot</b>

    Big Size Slag Pot

    CMT involved in design and manufacture of big size slag pot, the part is made by sand casting with loading capacity 8m3, weight 12 tons/piece. ...More>>

    [ 2015-03-25]

  • <b>Investment Casting Parts For Train</b>

    Investment Casting Parts For Train

    CMT supplies investment casting parts for train. The parts are made by stainless steel 1.4308 with precision machining. ...More>>

    [ 2015-01-25]

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