Investment Casting

Investment Casting

Investment casting (Lost wax casting) is a key technique among a range of modern metal casting techniques that is capable of providing an economical means of mass producing shaped metal parts containing complex features such as thin wall, undercut contours and inaccessible spaces, which can be difficult or impossible to create using other fabrication method.

All steel and stainless-steel materials as well as aluminum alloys, brass and bronze can be cast, very close to the final shape, by means of the highly refractory ceramic shell.

Investment casting can make parts with close tolerances and high quality surfaces, in many cases parts can be manufactured ready for installation, this can save machining cost and make the price more competitive than other casting method.

  Materials:   Steel, stainless steel , special alloyed steel (corrosion-, wear- and heat-resistant),
  aluminum, brass and bronze alloys according to DIN, ASTM, ISO, BS, JIS, SS, GB.
  Weight Range:   10g up to 45kg
  Dimensions:   800mmx500mmx300mm
  Order Quantity:   Small, Medium and Large series
  Machining:   Machining Center, CNC, conventional machines, all current processing methods
  Surface treatment:   Shot blasting ,hot-dip galvanizing, electrical galvanizing, chemical galvanizing, tumbling,
  powder coating, painting, polishing, passivation, vitrifying, etc.
  Quality Control:   Chemical analysis, mechanical properties for tensile strength, yield stress, elongation,
  impact testing, pressure testing, 3-D co-ordinate CMC, metallography,
  magnetic particle flaw inspection, etc.

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