Sand Casting

Sand Casting

Sand casting is a collective name for several different casting processing, it include green sand casting on floor or on molding line, shell mould casting, centrifugal casting, vacuum casting, lost foam casting, resin sand castings etc., it offers high freedom for designing in the manufacturing process compare with other casting processing, there is nearly an unlimited range of selection as regards size and wall thickness of the components.

This process is particular economical in comparison with other casting processes.

  Material:   Grey iron , ductile cast , malleable iron, steel , stainless steel , special alloyed steel
  (corrosion-, wear- and heat-resistant), aluminum, brass and bronze alloys according to

  Weight Range:

  Depending on casting processing 0,1 kg up to more than 25,000 kg.
  Dimensions:   Maximum 4500mmx3000mmx2550mm
  Order Quantity:   Small, Medium and Large series.
  Machining:   Machining Center, CNC, Conventional machines, All current processing methods.
  Surface treatment:   Shot blasting ,hot-dip galvanizing, electrical galvanizing, chemical galvanizing, KTL,
   powder coating, painting, polishing, passivation, vitrifying, etc.
  Quality Control:   Chemical analysis, mechanical properties for tensile strength, yield stress, elongation, impact
  testing, pressure testing, 3-D coordinate CMC, metallography, magnetic particle flaw inspection, etc.

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