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About CMT

Central Metal Technology (CMT) is a member company of QAIE which was established in 1995 and is a family owned group company, which owns 3 factories with different manufacturing processes and is engaged in foundry technology, mechanical engineering and manufacturing metal products. CMT supplies metal products by customized solution and engineering to customers worldwide. Metal parts manufactured in the processes of investment casting, die casting, sand casting, forging, stamping, welding ,sintering, machining, etc.

We assist clients from initial design of the products, optimization of design for manufacturing, choice of the material, prototyping to batch manufacturing, quality control, failure analysis, and more.

To meet clients’ various requirement of products and to expend our engineering support and procurement possibility, we manufacture products not only in our factories, we have also carefully selected partner factories that build up an extensive manufacturing network of ours. This enables us to supply a wide range of metal products to our customers.

CMT’s professional team shapes the company and you can benefit from over 20 years of experience in the metal parts manufacturing. Technical expertise, extensive manufacturing ability and international business experience are our competence which helps our customers to get real value-added products and service. 

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