Manufacture Network

CMT team has been supplying metal parts to international market for over 20 years, except for supplying products from our own factories within the group, we have been actively developing select partnership factories that met and continue to meet stringent criteria of good management, high quality standard and quick response.  We have been working with these partner factories for years and have developed an excellent relationship with them, which helps us to avoid many of the pitfalls that others experience.

Our group factories and partner factories offer our customers with more choice of manufacturing methods and price levels. For every project we start by determining the key factors for the manufacturing of the product and customer requirement, this will then be evaluated to determine the most suitable and cost-effective factories for manufacture from a commercial, technical and logistical perspective.
As a primary member of Shandong Foundry Association and Shandong Automobile Manufacturer Association, we have vast knowledge and prior relationships with a pool of potential suppliers. We continue to seek new partner factories and expand our value to all our overseas customers. Our manufacturing network will ensure our ability to offer our customers competitive priced products and opportunities for a wider selection of product range and manufacturing processes.

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