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CMT’s history can be traced back to early 1980’s, the founder Mr. Zicheng Su, foundry engineer, worked as a foundry manager in a machine tooling foundry. In early 1980’s, Mr. Su started the international business for foundry products, with a strong engineering background and being fluent English, Mr. Su grew the business with very strong and healthy profitable customers in a short time. As a direct result of Mr. Su’s hard work, honorable business ethics and his own strong business philosophy, in 1984 he was promoted to the Vice President of CMEC Shandong Branch, which is the main exporter for mechanical products in North China. Until today there still have many customers from that time keep cooperation with QAIE/CMT.

With solid foundry experience and knowledge, a wide list of contacts in the foundry industry and a long-cherished wish to improve China’s foundry technical level, Mr. Su imported a vast amount of foundry equipments and technology for China foundries, and introduced many new projects for export. He gained a very strong and solid reputation in the Chinese foundry industry. In 1987, he was elected to be the Vice President of Shandong Foundry Association, a position he still retains.

In 1995,Mr. Su found his own company, Qingdao Automobile Imp./Exp. Co., Ltd (QAIE), which supplies domestic and international clients with customized solutions of castings, forgings and other metal parts, mainly for automobile products, construction machinery, agriculture machinery and general machinery.

In more than two decades, QAIE developed a family owned group company, which owned 3 factories as well as a widely located supplier network. With the stable growth and development of QAIE, the business and customers base broke out into two distinctive branches:

1.  Automobile and construction machinery part business which supply products according to OEM part No. and Vehicle types.
2.  Engineering metal parts for many assorted industries whose OEM drawings are still for different industrial applications.

In order to develop the two distinct needs of their clients more efficiently, Qingdao Central Metal Technology Trading Co. Ltd(CMT) was founded in 2014 to take the engineering parts business exclusively.


1995:  Mr. Zicheng Su established the company Qingdao Automobile I./E. Co. Ltd (QAIE)

1996: The first factory was built to make steel fabricating and welding products.

1999: Revenue turnover reached 20 million USD.

2001: Moved to a self-owned new office with area 600 sqm.

2003: Hongshun Su, Mechanical Engineer, back from U.S.A, joins the company.

2007: Invest for new foundry with area 7700 sqm.

2010: Invest for new auto parts manufacture factory with area 14000 sqm.

2014: Qingdao Central Metal Technology Trading Co. Ltd (CMT) established to deal with metal products engineering and sourcing service


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